Electronic & advanced music are one of my deepest interests together with WadoRyu Karate. Arts, Literature, New Technology & Architecture also gets good share of my attention. So does of cause My Family and our home. From time to time I also produce some surreal paintings and play some interesting computer games. Traveling is also one of my favorite activities, preferable locations is Thailand, Malaysia, China and US-California, NY & Boston area. If I get some time over I also love to solve a Diabolic Sudoku and play some old school Chess.

My vision is to establish a strong position as a value added business enabler of a new generation of cost-efficient and powerful software and IT-solutions for my Clients & Partners. Specialties: Sales & market boosting, Business development, Business management, Channel development, Software distribution.

Sliding Softice of the fading summer :-d

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Big black Nemesis,Parthenogenesis,No one move a muscleAs the dead come home 

Big black Nemesis,
No one move a muscle
As the dead come home 

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here are just a few of my favorites from Chet Zar’s upcoming show at Beyond Eden and Copro Gallery

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